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Kindle Security

£149.99 Exc. Vat

Compulocks / Maclocks Grip & Dock Stand - 189BGRPLCK The Grip & Dock iPad stand, a great secured tablet mobility solutions. Secure your mobile workforce with this universal tablet hand grip and lockable stand that allows you to "grab and go" with your iPad and safely display it when stationary.

£64.00 Exc. Vat

Compulocks / Maclocks The BLADE Universal Security for Tablets & Laptops - BLD01KL Universal lock - compatible with any netbook, tablet or laptop - Industrial strength 3M VHB adhesive - Retractable "Blade" standard security slot - Extremely durable; can hold in excess of 100 pounds of force - Raised to improve airflow and ventilation

£59.99 Exc. Vat

Maclocks Compulocks Universal Tablet Holder: CL12UTH The Universal Tablet Holder is cost effective solution that allows you the freedom to work with a wide range of tablets. Offers security and mobility.    

£49.99 Exc. Vat

Compulocks Maclocks Universal Backplate Tablet Lock CL15UTL   Compulocks Universal Tablet Lock - Security T-bar Cable Lock and 3M Plate - Security kit

£56.50 Exc. Vat

Compulocks/ Maclocks Hovertab - Universal Tablet Security Stand - HOVERTAB Compulocks Hovertab - Universal Tablet Security Stand - Fits all Tablets - Mounting kit (stand base, self-adhering mounting plate) for tablets

£109.99 Exc. Vat

Maclocks Cling 2.0 Universal iPad Security Stand - Stand for tablet - white - screen size: up to 13"

£64.00 Exc. Vat

Maclocks The BLADE Universal Macbooks, Tablets & Ultrabooks with T-Bar Secuiry Cable Combination Lock ,Silver - System security kit - silver

£35.00 Exc. Vat

Noble Locks Universal Mobility Lock Kit - NG1514Kit The Noble Locks Universal Mobility Lock Kit - NG1414Kit includes low profile lock bracket with adhesive backing, Universal low profile T-bar lock with Keys, and Peripheral trap to secure charger cable. Lock can be used on Mobile phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Desktops, Printers, Projectors, TVs and much more.