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Noble Locks NG20CT2 Universal Padlock Anti-Theft Lock and Security Cable
Protect your desk with the NG20CT2 Universal Anti-Theft Brass Padlock Kit. This universal locking solution allows you to protect your internal physical components and data. If your desktop has a padlock loop then this solution will work for you. 

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Noble Locks TZ06T Keyed + Resettable Combination Wedge Lock

Noble Locks TZ06T Keyed and Resettable Combination Wedge Lock combines a keyed Noble Wedge Lock slot design with the convenience of a combination solution: gives owners the option of a convenient combination lock whilst retaining key access. The key system allows access to open the lock, but will not reset the combination. This lock is also designed to be user resettable allowing the owner of the lock to customize their combination with 10,000 different 4 digit possibilities.
Noble Locks TZ06T Keyed + Resettable Combination Wedge Lock SKU : TZ06T Dell Part  AA410153

Noble Locks UK / EMEA Distributor Wedge Cable Locks TZ03T, TZ04T, TZ06T, TZ07T, TZ08T Tabframes is UK / EMEA distributor for Noble Locks security products. Noble Locks specialises in security solutions for Dell laptops with a Noble Wedge Slot.

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Noble TZ03T Ultra Compact Wedge Lock - TZ03T Noble TZ Wedge lock with barrel lock and peripheral trap.  Compatible with systems using Noble Lock Slot (frequently found in Dell laptops Latitude, XPS and Inspiron).  Each lock is individually keyed. SKU - TZ03T The Noble Locks TZ03T Ultra-Compact Wedge Lock is the most secure security solution with the smallest footprint for Dell laptops. The TZ03T weighs only 98g / 3.5oz and stands at a height of 2.8mm to the middle of the lock slot. Designed to meet the needs of shrinking laptop heights and minimal space to accommodate critical input/output ports.